Snow Day Activities With My Toddler

This week we were hit with a big snow storm.  As most Southerns are aware, we cannot drive in rain, let alone a street covered in snow and ice.  Tuesday my toddler, Liam, and I enjoyed the snow from inside the house.  With the wind chill nearing 4 degrees in parts of the day, I decided that since he’s only 18 months, we don’t have to play out in the snow yet.  I realize there will come a time where I won’t get the opportunity to do this.. so I’m soaking it in now.
By Tuesday evening I was at my whits end.  He’s in this phase where he’s super sensitive.  I cannot ever tell him no or look at him in any way but a smile without getting a major meltdown.  This momma was so tired and the sweet boy couldn’t pull it together.  I was even trying to figure out ways to get him to my sitter Wednesday just so I could get a break!  After realizing our roads just weren’t clear enough to my liking, I decided I needed to come up with something that would work Wednesday so that we could have an enjoyable day of Snow Day #3 (we got an ice storm last Friday for Snow Day #1).  I turned to my trusty Pinterest and found two age appropriate activities I could do with my sweet boy!

The first activity included all of his balls he loves throwing at my poor dog and a muffin tin.  That’s it!


I pulled out my well loved muffin tin and sat it on the floor next to his ball pile.  Without ever prompting him he immediately starting filling up the muffin cups with the balls.  He absolutely loved this!  We would take them out of the pan, talk about their colors, he’d throw a few and I’d retrieve them, then we’d fill up the tin again.  Now, this activity only lasted about 10-15 minutes but it was a solid 10-15 minutes of a sweet boy not climbing on me so I consider this one a win!


The second activity we did was creating a maze in my living room floor using random toys, books, our extra koozies from our wedding almost 4.5 years ago (I knew they’s come in handy!), and other random objects.  I kept it wide enough so that we could use the bigger trucks he loves so much.  He loved pushing his trucks around the little square maze.  He thought it was something special which of course made me feel like I had his the jackpot!  This activity probably lasted 30 minutes, possibly and hour off and on but regardless of the time, it was time well spent with each other.



Now that he’s at an age where he is enjoying more and more activities I’ll have to start working on more ideas for when he seems to be getting bored on days we are stuck in the house.

I do hope you can find these activities useful should you need any to occupy your sweet toddlers.  And if you have any other activities you could recommend using household items, please share them with me!



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