Weekly Cookie Recap

Such a fun week for cookies!

This week I had a light week of cookie orders. I love being super busy with cookie orders but sometimes it’s nice to have a light week to help me rest up for another full week, which will be this next week!


This week I had an order for baby shower cookies. My sweet customer sent me some inspiration for what she was looking for and let me run with it. I think I now have a new favorite set! First of all, look at that sweet monogram. As a southern girl, I believe in monogramming everything and I absolutely love this circle monogram style, especially for little baby boys 😍. And then the deer antlers, I mean come on, how sweet are these?! This was such a fun set and I hope to get to make more like these soon!


These cookies were made for my high school friend’s birthday. He’s a police officer so I only felt it appropriate that he get a donut cookie to go along with a police car cookie. I love making cookies for my customers but I think I might enjoy making them as gifts for my friends even more. I get to be completely creative and pick a theme specific for them.

Dr. Seuss HatsDr. SeussRead Across America Week Cookies

The last set I did for this week is for Dr. Seuss’ birthday. These cookies are going to be given to special readers who are coming in to read during Read Across America week! I love this cookie and I think I need to do more Dr. Seuss cookies because they are so much fun! I love the tiny details that my edible marker gives to these hats.  So, if you’re in need of Dr. Seuss themed cookies, contact me so that I can get you on my calendar and we can start planning your cookie set!

This is all for this week but next week is fully loaded with some fun cookies. Be sure to check back weekly to see all I’ve been creating!


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